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    Rules of space combat and travel (also the maps are here)

    Lisforlove The Slayer of France
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    Rules of space combat and travel (also the maps are here)

    Post  Lisforlove on Thu May 02, 2013 7:48 am

    Here are the rules.

    How to travel

    • in your turn say where you are going to travel, and roll the travel dice

    • after traveling, and an event happens, you must roll the travel dice again, to continue to your goal

    • some times the travel dice will need you to make another turn, so post your actions after that, you do not need to wait for a mod if the travel die said you need to do things

    • you cant not edit your post, EVER so make sure you get it right the first time

    How to do battle

    • To fire a weapon you must order a crew member who is not doing anything to fire it, you can fire up to 5 weapons in a turn aslong as you have 5 crew members to fire them

    • if the shields get damaged, you must send a crew member to fix it, the mod will say when the shields are back up and the crew member is free

    • if your ship's hull gets below 0 you and your crew will die

    • get our crew to repair your ships hull if damaged.

    Top Map

    Cazbah Space Station

    Müz empire


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