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    Lisforlove The Slayer of France
    Lisforlove The Slayer of France

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    Post  Lisforlove on Mon Feb 25, 2013 1:07 pm

    -Lis Games 21-
    Basic port of "BlackJack"

    How to play:
    The GM will start the thread, asking for bets and draws, to do this, post this code, this will draw you out 2 cards in your post, and below that the amount of Cash you are betting on this "lot", you can have up to 3 lots per game at max, each "lot" is posted in a new post, Here is an example of what a post would look like: (when the game is over the cash will be changed.
    player wrote:
    Lisforlove carried out 2 launched of one (Draw Card.) :
    Cash bet: 100


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